A Bit About me....

Welcome to White Stitch Lane. Everything you see here is handmade by me, Helen, in my garden studio. I live in the suburbs of Northampton with my son and husband. Life is always busy, but I do love juggling family life and my 'work'. I absolutely love what I do and am very lucky to be able to call it my job.

I use a technique called ‘Free-motion embroidery’. I sew using my machine, but never use a programme or template. This makes each piece 100% unique, guaranteeing a one-off item. I love mixing colour & pattern to create unique and original designs. The beauty of free-motion stitching is that anything goes…..The only limit is imagination! 

Established in 2013. I started this business after being made redundant whilst on maternity leave. I used this as an opportunity to leave the world of finance and get back to doing what I truly loved. 

Using knowledge gained from my textile degree ,(that I got many moons ago!) I started making items for friends and family, Within a few months White Stitch Lane was born. 

90% of my creations are bespoke. I love working with your ideas to create something unique. Starting with your ideas, I then sketch out a design.  A design can come from children's drawings, a rough sketch of an idea or simply from a basic idea.... anything can spark inspiration. If you would like something bespoke, feel Free to Contact Me to have a chat. Or check out my gallery page to see what is possible. 

Just like drawing, the fabric is my paper and the needle is my pen!